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Welcome to our employment page.


Do you need a job? Or do you want a career?

A very important question.

Dogonegood is not a traditional grooming shop, we are a co-op of independent groomers, each building their own business, trained not only in the art of grooming pets, but also in the art of great customer service and business concepts that will allow each groomer to build a business with no limits 

So why do we do this?
To answer this question let us ask you a few more questions;

Are you happy with your currant grooming job?

Do you enjoy going to work each day?

Do you enjoy the people you work with?

Do you fill a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day? 

You probably have herd the phrase “Living the Dream” Are you? Or are you living someone else’s dream? 

My wife Shelley has been grooming now for 28 years, she has worked in many shops , she even ran her own shop for 10 of the years, working in other shops has always been a hassle for her, if you now work as an employee in a traditional grooming shop you know exactly what I mean. 

It’s all about training and focus, most groomers don’t understand business, they only understand grooming, so they go out and groom, which makes them money, but to have a successful career you have to learn business concepts, you have to learn customer service, just being a good groomer will only land you a job. Its all about what you want!

Is a job enough? Or do you desire more? 

Building a career is easy, learning is easy, doing the things each day to make yourself successful is easy. Shelley and I re-opened Dogonegood in April of 2014, with but a handful of loyal customers, and a dream to be successful, in 37 months she now has 1300  customers and still growing. So can you. 

You just need to understand and believe you can, you need to be willing to learn, and put in the effort. Dogonegood is a family of successful minded people all working each day to build success, and to help others learn and become successful. It’s a team effort, for the more you give the more you will receive! 

If you desire more, and are willing to do something about it, call me (480-208-3390) lets talk!
We can make your dreams a reality!